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Cape Fear Advisors, LLC Growth Strategies for Tech Enabled Service Companies

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Cape Fear Advisors, LLC advises privately held businesses in developing and implementing programs specifically designed to grow revenue and capture shareholder value. We work with companies to build and execute growth strategies. Our strategic planning, growth acceleration and business development efforts focus our clients’ efforts on those areas critical to their success.

Our focus on strategic and project capabilities combine to provide CEOs with high-level, pragmatic, cohesive advice and assistance with their primary responsibilities, and to support broader aspirations for the company. We align fully with shareholder expectations and objectives, and drive to full achievement of those aspirations. We also build corporate capabilities by teaching and coaching the entire company team along the way.

We are creative in finding the right mix of growth-focused initiatives, using internal and external growth sources to develop a robust, balanced portfolio of opportunities. We will fill the gaps in resources and capabilities so that opportunities are realized.

We are recognized for outstanding results delivered to clients over the past thirty five years. Our high customer retention and referrals speak to our dependability and our results.

Strategic Planning

Cape Fear Advisors, LLC Growth Strategies for Tech Enabled Service Companies

Growth comes in many shapes and sizes, and is best captured when plans exist to take full advantage of opportunities. Cape Fear Advisors, LLC builds growth-oriented strategic plans for its clients. Our planning process is holistic, and takes into account the full spectrum of issues and challenges — from financing through organization and resource constraints — to build plans that can be measured and achieved.

We provide the full range of planning services, including:

  • Objective market position and strength assessments and the inclusion and modeling of broader-based forces that will impact the organization’s opportunities and performance in the coming years.
  • Creation of a shared vision for the organization that incorporates growth opportunities and clearly focuses its efforts and resources against a set of attainable objectives.
  • Establishment of a strategic planning process, based on state-of-the-art research and years of experience in driving planning for companies from start-up to $2 billion in revenue.
  • Facilitation of a strategic planning cycle, from robust situation assessments through annual reviews at the company and board level.
  • Enhancements to the existing strategic planning effort, through direct involvement or consultative work.
  • In-depth and up-to-date assessments of a company or business unit.
  • Management of value-creating company-wide projects, such as shared services development, procurement initiatives, information technology plan development and associate education activities.
  • Creation of financial models and pro-formas, in connection with strategies for business development, fund raising and divestitures.
  • Push-down of plans and opportunities into sales and marketing programs, including new product roll-outs and sales management efforts.

Growth Acceleration

Cape Fear Advisors, LLC Growth Strategies for Tech Enabled Service Companies

Is the company structured to drive additional growth from current resources? Does the company understand how it can drive growth in the near term?

Nearly 100% of our engagements touch on these questions. We typically find that the company can take some meaningful steps to align itself to accelerate growth within current markets and current customers. In some instances, past success clouds the path; in others, resources are simply out of place.

In thinking through accelerated growth, our efforts might start with:

  • Pricing strategies and opportunities
  • The time and effort (and effectiveness of that effort) placed on sales management and opportunity management
  • The ability of the entire company to explain the real competitive advantages of the company (see our update here on product vs. results selling).
  • Broader marketing efforts to support sales pipeline development
  • Operational resources to support larger (enterprise-level) customers and opportunities
  • Closer-in service extensions

Sometimes, we need to work with clients to establish more reasonable growth targets from current resources and opportunities. As an example, we work with companies to develop a pragmatic view of annual market share wins, taking into account sales cycles, competition, win rates, turnover and other variables. A lot of companies overestimate achievable market conquests, and we help identify realistic potential.

Our goal is to identify ways to grow the business from a close-in perspective. Which current markets and customers provide opportunities to grow? Which are easily extended? How can the company make the most of those opportunities, and in what time frame?

Cape Fear Advisors, LLC can also jumpstart these efforts, augmenting existing resources with specific assistance and support with targeted clients, marketing material, ROI justifications, internal game plans to implement new business, and other activities. We find that privately-held companies tend to need initial, variable support to make these things happen. And, frequently, they need more sophisticated, experienced assistance than can be provided by internal resources. Of course, Cape Fear Advisors, LLC works to teach those capabilities to existing staff and resources — building corporate know-how and experience.

Strategic Acquisitions

Cape Fear Advisors, LLC Growth Strategies for Tech Enabled Service Companies

Cape Fear Advisors brings substantial expertise and experience in all aspects of strategic acquisitions, from initial planning activities through the integration of acquired resources and assets. Our involvement has an excellent history of meeting or surpassing a transaction’s objectives.  Cape Fear Advisors’ professionals have guided, negotiated and managed deals ranging in value from $1 million technology acquisitions to $200 million acquisitions and $300 million divestitures.

Cape Fear Advisors can provide the full range of business development services or complement our client’s existing capabilities.  Specific activities can include:

  • Creation of a business development process — aligned with a company’s overall objectives — that becomes measurable and proactive and turns business development into a proactive, measurable part of the company’s growth plans
  • Establishment of objectives, milestones and parameters for business development.
  • Identification of business development targets — confidentially — for acquisitions and divestitures.
  • Identification of key synergies, risks and opportunities for specific business development alternatives
  • Active advisory role in negotiations.
  • Coordination of third parties (legal, accounting, banking) involved in business development activities.
  • Advice on capital raising to support specific or general business development efforts.
  • Management of integration and transition activities — from due diligence through closing and beyond — to ensure strong linkage and to ensure ongoing success.

At one client’s request, we recently compared acquisitions they completed with and without our involvement. The results prove definitively that our involvement improves the likelihood of success by outlining key risks and opportunities early in the process so that they can be managed in the deal structure and / or in the integration plan.