About Cape Fear Advisors, LLC

Our Approach

Cape Fear Advisors, LLC recognizes and embraces its competition: There are a lot of consulting options available to companies. Our clients can choose among a large number of competent, capable, and sometimes larger alternatives.

In our 30 years’ of experience, we can honestly say that our customer satisfaction is 100%. Every client received 100% effort, and felt that we delivered — and mostly over-delivered — against our commitments.

  1. We are the experienced choice. We excel at helping companies tackle their strategic and business development priorities. And, our guidance is grounded in years of experience. Because we focus on specific markets and on specific types of situations, we likely bring direct background to the table.
  2. We value our reputation, and want every engagement and every client interaction to build on it. Our future opportunities depend on current clients’ satisfaction and referrals to new situations (both inside and outside their companies).
  3. We are a trustworthy partner. With all of our clients, we develop a strong sense of duty and purpose to their objectives. We value the deep, trusting relationships we develop.
  4. We deliver results. Outside advisors need to prove their worth and value every month, with every client relationship. We place our experience, reputation and trust on the line every time we work on an engagement. Time and again, we are told that we delivered well against expectations.
  5. We are cost effective. Our focus on smaller, privately-held companies means that we are very sensitive to time and resource constraints. Our program management and approach allow us to flex our approach to match requirements, expectations and resources.

Cape Fear Advisors brings direct experience from a number of industries, outlined in our Past Clients section.

Our capabilities are process-focused and applicable to most situations. We are fast learners, and willing to invest in getting to know our clients, their industries and opportunities.

And, our focus tends to follow the experience and interests of our principals. In that regard, we bring exceptionally deep knowledge and experience in two important markets:

Enterprise Software and Infrastructure. With direct experience in all aspects of defining, building and extending information technology companies, Cape Fear Advisors, LLC distinguishes itself in supporting these companies throughout their lifecycle. Our principals’ passion for technology-enabled services businesses provides a true leg-up in building these companies and finding ways to create exceptionally strong bonds with clients and prospects.

Supply chain outsourcing. Our principals bring 20+ years’ experience in document and print management outsourcing markets. In addition to significant strategic planning experience, Cape Fear Advisors, LLC has led transactions in this industry ranging from $60 thousand to $300 million in value. We bring leading edge thinking about growth opportunities, positioning, sales management and technology integration.

We also work with supply chain activities internally, building and managing procurement and vendor management programs that deliver real value and improve bottom line results.

Clients in this market rely on Cape Fear Advisors, LLC to provide the full range of our services, including strategy-led acquisitions and value capture services.

Automotive retail technology. Our experience in this market dates to the early 1990’s, and we remain very active today. Our principals were responsible for the development of major new markets for the significant players in this industry. We were on the leading edge of developments in web-based services and other e-commerce efforts, collaborative markets, F&I technology, and CRM solutions, and companies continue to rely on us when building their strategic alternatives and plans. Our responsibilities included international expansion, joint ventures with key technology companies and new program and product development.

We managed, as advisors and direct principals, transactions from $1 million start-ups to $100+ million market plays.

Our clients rely on our industry connections and progressive thinking on where the market is heading. We continue to invest significant time in maintaining relationships throughout this industry and in considering the benefits of various growth strategies. We are in touch with technology players, OEMs and dealers on a daily basis to understand their needs and their thinking about the future.

About Greg Collins

Greg Collins

Greg Collins


Greg Collins brings 20+ years professional experience in strategic consulting, investment banking and general management. Greg rejoined Cape Fear Advisors’ founding firm, Collins & Company, in 2003, quickly expanding its market reach and extending its experience and history to achieve his goals and aspirations.

In the period since, Greg guided Cape Fear Advisors, LLC and managed substantial growth in clients and projects. He personally manages projects and programs for key clients, and ensures high quality on all projects and in all relationships.

Greg’s focus is on accelerated growth and value creation. He brings creative experience to finding growth opportunities in emerging and mature markets. He is an expert at using internal and external resources to build companies and extend their revenue reach.

Greg served as Executive Chairman of DataSource from 2015 through 2017, guiding the company through several important client transitions and accelerating its development of a service-oriented sales and delivery model.

Greg spent 18 months as President and CEO of Basho Technologies, Inc., doubling the customer base and revenue of this transformative NoSQL provider, and selling key systems to major enterprises such as the Weather Channel, the UK’s National Health System, Yahoo!Japan, State Farm and other Fortune 100 companies.

Greg spent 8 years with The Reynolds and Reynolds Company (Dayton, OH), where he was Senior Vice President. He ran a $200 million revenue portfolio of companies, most of which were quickly growing. He also served on the company’s Management Committee. Greg ran e-commerce, strategic planning and business development for Reynolds --- jobs in which he started businesses, partnered with other market leaders, bought and sold companies ranging in revenues from start-up to $1 billion, and led the company and its board through strategic issues (including the splitting of the company into 2 separate firms). He also designed, championed and managed major corporate initiatives, including pricing excellence and supply chain management.

Greg joined Reynolds after spending 4 years with Collins & Company (1992 - 1995), and provided strategy development and execution services to firms in software, healthcare, retail and other industries. He led several major corporate transactions, including the sale of Western Ohio Health Care Corporation to United Healthcare for $100 million.

His experience prior to Collins & Company includes “Big 8” management consulting and investment banking. The focus of these jobs was also strategy development and execution, all focused on growth-oriented companies.

Greg served on the Board of Directors of Basho Technologies, a fast-growing provider of distributed, cloud-based database solutions. Other board experience includes NetworkCar, LLC, ChoiceParts, LLC, Reynolds Australia PLC, CVR, and eFin, LLC, as well as several community non-profit organizations. Greg was the Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee for Cape Fear Academy.

Greg received his M.B.A. from the University of Virginia’s Darden School, and his B.A., in economics from Williams College.

Greg is an avid runner, and is working his way back from leg injuries.

His personal web site - for random updates and photos and videos: https://thegrid.ai/gregcollins/

Past Clients

We are demonstrably proud of our track record and experience.

A sample of our past clients provides a solid perspective on the breadth and depth of our capabilities, and our focus on client satisfaction and results.