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Working with Cape Fear Advisors, LLC

While most of our client relationships span months and years, they all started with discrete projects and an opportunity for us to prove value.

We tell clients and prospects that we must prove our value each and every month, with each and every client interaction — and we mean it.

With longer-term relationships, we still work to define specific projects and expectations, and establish specific time frames for reviewing and renewing the value delivered and future goals.

While each situation is individual, we find that our starting points with new clients tend to fall in one of several categories:

1. Resolution of a specific issue or need, ranging from an understanding of the current growth trajectory and portfolio to sales management activities to support for a specific prospect opportunity. Any of these activities may be a precursor for the development of a growth-oriented strategic plan.

2. Consideration and evaluation of a growth acceleration event: Entering a new market, investing in a new product, capturing business from larger, more sophisticated buyers, or getting more from sales management activities. We work with clients to speed the time from idea to execution.

3. Support for an acquisition or our due diligence services on a forthcoming deal. Generally, and most particularly in markets we know well, our due diligence and negotiation support provides a real leg-up for our clients. Because of our experience and general management know-how, we can assess a company and its position quickly, and provide pragmatic advice to acquirors on areas of additional negotiation or concern. We can also manage that communication back to the target company, in a proactive, professional and objective way — with a focus on addressing the areas and completing the deal.

Many CEOs learn about us from friends and associates, or from our work on recent projects. Almost all of our relationships start with a referral from a client — which is one of the reasons we are 100% committed to delivering real value, and take every phone call or recommendation with equal doses of pride and humility. We appreciate very much our clients that suggest an initial discussion. Regardless of the source, we take every opportunity to meet with a company seriously and proactively.

Our principals are always pleased to structure an initial phone conversation or visit to discuss a specific situation, or simply to provide an overview of our services, experience and capabilities. If a relationship appears to make sense, we will provide a detailed proposal discussion document. We are 100% certain that the initial discussion will provide a solid return on the time invested.

If a relationship makes sense, we are pleased to schedule calls with current clients to provide a real-world perspective on our results and working relationships.

Please contact us for additional information, or to schedule an initial get-together.

Please be in touch below, by phone or email. We’d be thrilled to hear from you, and are happy to respond to any inquiry and questions. Thanks again. Take care,