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Big Data in Strategic Planning

It’s incredible to think that the Big Data Era is approaching 10 years old.1The term’s broad-based usage probably turns my title into clickbait. The terminology is pervasive and ridiculously popular. This session is more focused on planning, less focused on implementation. Next time, we will trade concepts for action, and provide some examples of Big […]


Yes, Virginia, Strategists are Essential

Yes, Virginia, Strategists are Essential A straightforward thesis ties this year’s articles together: Strategists are essential to great companies, and great companies build and leverage a strong strategy group. That group takes on responsibility for planning and delivering revenue growth (organic, acquired, inspired and elsewhere), and performance improvements. This article’s title is a perhaps-too-subtle combination […]

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The Essential Strategist Manages Proactive Corporate Development

The most important role of the Essential Strategist is to drive growth, naturally and acquisitively. And, that means managing an ambitious M&A / corporate development program. Like any purchasing process, M&A follows a basic truism: Options create power. In emerging or nascent markets, identifying alternatives can be difficult. In more mature markets, the challenge frequently […]